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Jamel Brown, known today as Loose Joint, is a New York Hip Hop Freestyle dancer with 30 years of experience. He went dancing from the streets of New York to the stage, on TV and in movies.  Jamel has been part of the dance world since he was a child.  He watched his uncle and his relatives dance to family functions and was immediately pushed into entertainment.  In the early '70s, the Hip Hop culture was born, which was immediately extremely magnetizing for Jamel, who has been linked to culture since he witnessed the jam in the courtyard, in the gardens or in the Brooklyn and Bronx blocks.  He loved the way DJs, MCs and dancers managed to attract crowds of people to parties.

Professional choreographer and original hip hop dancer for artists such as Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Will Smith, P.Diddy and Jay Z to name a few.. Jamel 'Loose Joint' Brown (Elite Force crew)

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