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Society Dance Academy was created by an enthusiastic Individual who is determent to create a society passionate about all aspects of Street & Hip Hop dance.

Erduan Xhaferi and a team of creative Mentors and Choreographers aim is to provide creative platforms for young people to express their talents and give young people from all walks of life an opportunity to be inspired.

We believe dance can be used as a tool to positively change people’s minds and opinions about each other and to become united within the dance culture. Dance itself is a universal language that everybody understands and can relate to, it removes all barriers between individuals and what they want to communicate, It illustrates the development of human culture. Society Dance Academy firmly believes that if we focus on developing the young generation, creatively and socially, it will have an impact on them and others, for a better future.

Dance creates experiences for young people that will allow them to participate in a range of dance forms and styles. As well as providing them with the experience of performing, confidence, and opportunities for leadership roles.

Hip Hop dance will also allow young people to become devoted enthusiasts of the positive hip hop movement and culture.

Our vision is to provide opportunities for all to strive and bring out their creativity and teach them to express themselves through movement, but most importantly unite whiles enjoying the experience and having FUN. 

Society Dance Academy has the experience and knowledge to stand behind its beliefs, with a history of over 12 years of performing, teaching, theatre productions, and TV entertainment.

Winning a high number of awards in dance competitions in the UK and Europe, they have performed at multiple venues such as all o2 Arena's venues, Olympic Park, and Saddler’s Wells. Society Dance has also collaborated with top international artists, TV, and brands such as E4, Virgin, Adidas, Dunkin Donuts, T-Pain, Jay Sean, Lil Wayne, Era Istrefi, and many more international artists on a numerous music videos and projects. During the Pandemic Society Dance Academy founder Erduan was responsible for creating an Educational program enabling over 400+ young people to take part in activities throughout the lockdown and also creating the world's first live interactive online dance battle platform called Ground Zero Live which is now internationally recognized as one of the most influential dance events, In February 2024 it held its first international qualifier in Osaka Japan. 

Most recently Society Dance Academy was nominated for its significant contribution to the dance industry by One Dance UK in 2022.  Society Dance Academy founder is also the official license holder of Hip Hop International Albania 

“By analysing the past, we understand the present and can inspire and build for the Future”.
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