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During the early stages of the Lockdown Erduan Xhaferi and a creative team of individuals consisting of dancers, DJs, hosts, and Audio Visual technicians set up the first Live Interactive Online Dance Platform in the world called 'Ground Zero Live. The purpose was to enable young people and dancers across the UK and the world to connect and continue to express themselves during the Covid-19 pandemic Lockdowns. On the 28th of March 2020 launched the first online battle event with a 3-day submission deadline where dancers had to submit their videos. Judged by Lil' Tim, Bruce Blanchard, Kofi Mingo, Bogdan The Flava. Hosted by Sunanda (Sun Sun) and Erduan. As a result that we received over 300 submissions from young dancers across the UK and worldwide. We created a fast and safe way for dancers to connect with others in a virtual platform where they were able to express themselves and demonstrate their talents.  Ground Zero Live hosted 7 Online Dance events during the lockdown period reaching out to an audience of over 10,000 people all over the world and participants ranging from dancers aged 8-30 years old. Ground Zero Team also hosted 4 online events for other organizations/partners including the King of the cities Breaking Championship event which consisted of participants signing up from 14 different South/North American countries and watched by over 20,000. The golden era of Radiotron the legendary battle against Style Elements against The Renegades  24 year Reunion, SINcrew's Urban SINfonie 25 years Anniversary  Hip Hop Festival, Hip Hop for Better Mental Health organized by Avant Cyrmu fund by Mind including run two separate crowed funds where money was raised for the NHS and also an orphaning in Japan. 



A one of kind experience for all to connect with others and share their passion for dance with like-minded individuals from around the world. Battle your opponent live from home In front of hundreds of people watching you LIVE across the Globe.

We want to help increase the likelihood of young people from different community groups in London taking part in the arts, irrespective of where they live or what minority group, gender, social education, or financial circumstances. In addressing these priorities we seek to increase attendance and participation by supporting the public to help shape local arts by increasing choice and opportunities for young people to experience and be inspired.


Ground Zero Live was and still is a unique experience for dancers where they have the opportunity to increase creativity and productivity. Classed by many around the world for being the best online dance battle platform. illustrating the positive side that Hip Hop dance culture has to offer and using dance as a tool to inspire, motivate and unite all whiles focusing on youth development, diversity, promoting physical, mental well- being and providing opportunities for them to channel their energy and creativity with positive behavior.

On the 28th of December Ground Zero Live Teamed up with Yonescat productions and created the first Virtual Reality Hip Hop Festival ( Ground Zero Live Beyond Reality VR Hip Hop Festival).

An interactive Virtual platform to experience music, dance, art, and culture programs related to hip hop culture. A place for all the culture lovers to have the opportunity to connect. A creative platform to support International Artists to showcase their art form by providing a virtual experience like never before. 

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On the 28th of March 2021, Ground Zero Live celebrated its 1 Year Anniversary and put on a great showcase including its second round of the exhibition concept contest where dancers from 8 different countries had to create videos with the selected concept for a chance to win the first prize. Performances by various acts and hosted by Sun Sun and Erduan. 

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