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Cultural Development Dance Program

A FREE culture development dance project to unite and educate young people and communities using dance as a tool to encourage interaction, Social integration, social equality, gender equality and freedom of expression amongst the young generation. The aim & purpose of this  project is to give young people aged between 13-25 years of age from various community groups and minority groups an opportunity to participate in the Free Cultural Development Program. Providing educational workshops with respected educators, Seminars,  Q&A, DJ Sessions, showcases to Allow all individuals to interact and be inspired. 

We believe that everyone deserves the chance to reach the highest levels of opportunities and development regardless of their background. 

Creating Society with Dance Cultural Development Dance Program will add tremendous positive value to national development and cooperation work for the benefits of girls, boys, women and men by strengthening community activities and providing positive resources that will have a significant impact across a range of communities which will be beneficial for the present and future.  Increase choice and opportunity for young people from ethnic groups, minority groups which are excluded from various social activities due to financial circumstances.  We aim to Provide mental health awareness, inclusivity, gender equality and build social integration by braking down stereotypical barriers, fostering the global cross culture knowledge and understanding of young people. 


We want to  help increase the likelihood of young people from different community groups  taking part in the arts, irrespective of where they live or what minority group, gender, social education or financial circumstances. In addressing these priorities we seek to increase attendance and participation by supporting the public to help shape local arts by increasing choice and opportunities for young people to experience and be inspired.


Creating Society with dance Program is a unique educational experience taking place in a immersive virtual reality platform where young people will have the opportunity to be educated in various art forms under the umbrella of streedance, be creative and interact with other cultures as part of personal development, removing stereotypes, empowering social inclusion, peace building and developing creative skills. This will improve quality of life under cultural mediated conditions of freedom and prevail a human language consisting of categories of creativity and of productivity.

This was only made possible thanks to public funding from the National Lottery Arts Council England and the Great Place Scheme OPDC we excited to announce that we will be carry out the first of its kind experience for participants to take part in.

We believe it can help improve quality of life for individuals and their communities by illustrating the positive side that Hip Hop dance culture has to offer and using dance as a tool to inspire, motivate and unite young people whiles focusing on youth development, diversity, promoting physical, mental well- being and provide opportunities for them to channel their energy and creativity with a positive behaviour in safe and family environment during these difficult times . We want to Celebrate diversity and work to achieve the creative potential in all young people attending the workshops, Social gatherings, Battles and performance by training and supporting each individual regardless of ethnicity, gender, disability, age, sexual orientation or religion.


With over 250 young people from all walks of life taking part in our Cultural development program where we provided 20 fun and inspirational workshops lead by some of the world best educators and choreographers, 7 educational seminars, dance contest and showcase opportunities in a virtual reality platform including volunteering opportunities and the official in person battle event on the 26th of June attended by dancers from all over the UK. 


We are extremely happy to announce that we have accomplished our first of many Creating Society with dance program and provided an inspirational and interactive experience for all taking part. With the support and help of the National Lottery funding by Arts Council England and OPDC we was able to put an unique project and we aim to continue and grow our program further and enable  more young people to take part in arts irrespective of where they live or what race, gender, social education or financial circumstances. 



I really found it so useful. I thought I was going to go to just learn from some teachers but it was so much more than that. I came away refreshed from some of the wise words said & new from pioneers which I am using and adding to my practice now. I took part in classes I would have been too nervous to take in real life so I'm looking forward to considering pushing myself out of my comfort zone and taking class from other teachers

— Lauren Stewart, London

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An interactive Virtual platform to experience music, dance, art and culture programs related to hip hop culture. A place for all the culture lovers to have the opportunity to connect. A creative platform to support International Artists to showcase their art form by providing a virtual experience like never before. Created during the pandemic to allow dancers from all over the world to connect. 
Hosted 9 international online Battles with over 2500 participants and viewed by thousand. We at Society Dance Academy  are honoured to have created the most exciting and fun online battle event in the world.  
A one of kind experience for dancers to connect with others and share their passion for dance with like minded individuals from around the world. 
Following the successful events of 2020 `on the 26th of June 2021 Ground Zero Live hosted it's first in-person battle event held at the North Acton Pavilion in West London with a capacity of 250 people due to Covid-19 restrictions. 
Attended by dancers from all over UK and for many this being the first official dance event attend in person since the beginning of the lockdown. We are extremely happy to state it was a successful event filled with great energy, positive energy and amazing dancers enjoying themselves. 
Judge by some of the United Kingdoms finest and a live DJ hosted by Erduan & Sun Sun. 



Support us and Donate! Allow us to provide more creative platforms  to increase the likelihood of young people from all walks of life in London and all over the world taking part in the arts, irrespective of where they live or what minority group, gender, social education or financial circumstances. By supporting us you help shape local arts by increasing choice and opportunities for young people to experience and be inspired.



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