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Welcome to our School Services where we offer Extracurricular clubs and workshops for schools, colleges, community groups fun and wealthy experience in the art of expression by using Street & Hip Hop dance as a tool to give young people creative platforms to be inspired in a safe and friendly environment.

paris 2024

On the 21st of February 2019 Breakdance the correct term is  Breaking (B-boying & B-girling) which is one of many styles under the Streetdance umbrella and one of the Four Elements of the Hip Hop Culture is finally being recognized for the amazing influence and athleticism it has had globally by finally being considered to make its debut in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

As a company, we had the privilege to have been invited by Sky News on this historic day to discuss the amazing news and the positive influence it will have on young people now and also the impact it will have on the generations to come. 

We believe dance is a tool to creatively inspire young people and engage pupils in a wide range of movements in a fun environment. This encourages long-term sports participation for pupils which will help keep them fit and healthy as they go through their lives.

We strive to bring out their creativity and teach them to express themselves through movement but most importantly we want all students to have fun

It allows young people to explore the foundation that hip hop has to offer and create exciting movement possibilities using the body by responding to music. This builds a foundation that enhances physical development, flexibility, core strength, and movement memory. As well as physical benefits our dance program also enhances creative skills, confidence, mindfulness, and positivity and gives young people a better understanding of the hip hop culture and rhythm.   

Our school program is staffed by professional and fully DBS checked Teachers/Choreographers that have experience in vast knowledge in these art forms and also have Safeguarding young people Qualifications who can deliver sessions at your school with learning outcomes linked directly to the National Curriculum. The dance sessions are designed for girls and boys of all abilities to receive professional dance training in a variety of dance art forms. With an excellent reputation within the education sector, we can ensure all students attending our sessions will have a great experience.

Each session is tailored to meet the needs of the school and pupils.


As PE Lessons are the only access to exercise for some young people have all week, it is essential that the quality of the lessons is excellent, and that the lessons are exciting and accessible for all young people.

A great alternative to sports during Physical Education lessons is Dance.  

Dance PPA cover 


       The objectives of the program: 

  • To respond with an understanding to dance and the culture including learning to create and perform choreography pieces.

  • Young people will understand and evaluate hip hop dance in different contexts and cultures with cross-curricular links to history and movement vocabulary.

  • To understand different styles of dance with confidence and perform it. 

  • For young people to explore movement in various exercises and develop emotionally through dance, topics include mindfulness and Positivity as well as self-confidence, teamwork, and being comfortable in our own bodies.


  • To cover PPA time for teachers (single hour through to full-day)

  • Curriculum Sessions

  • Workshops (single hour through to full-day)

  • Breakfast / lunchtime / after-school clubs

  • Coaching for school teams

  • Sports days/fun days

  • Community Projects (Choreographer)

  • Mentoring Course for under achievers (Hourly/weekly)

  • Urban Dance course


Safeguarding Young

People qualification 

For more information regarding any of the services that we provide please get in touch.

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