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With an extensive list of dance, choreographic and production credits, Chris “Shaik” Mathis is a much sought after commodity. An energetic and spontaneous personality, with a disarmingly smooth approach to dance, Shaik’s creative stylizing redefines the parameters of art in motion! His credits attest to both his choreographed and/or special appearances in countless music videos. Shaik has performed on television, on film, in arenas and various stages with renowned recording artists and has toured both as a featured dancer/choreographer throughout venues in the United States and abroad in places such as: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil; Tokyo, Japan; London, England; Stockholm, Sweden; Germany and other countries in the continents of Europe and Asia.

Throughout his illustrious career he’s also acquired production/costar credits. A true veteran of the stage, he possesses an inherent ability to captivate and thrill his audience with pure energy and passion. SHAIK is the embodiment of classic showmanship as he continues to challenge traditional ideas and methods, while creating an unimaginable thrill ride of perfection through his Urban Dance Fusion (Streetstyle Hip Hop, Freestyle House, Boogie Style).

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