Bobby's shock always keeps coming back, but professionally - for almost a decade. 1995 m. a business administration specialty.  After studying, she continued to dance in New York clubs and earned herself a reputation.
 In 1997, Bbobby Mileage received his first job as a dancer - to dance with Will Smith's "Man in black" video clip, Since then his dance career has come to an end.  Today Mileage has a long list of people who have been shocked: Will Smith, Mariah Carey, Missy Elliot are just a few of them.  After the world tour, Mariah Carey attended the World Tour, and traveled heavily on teaching and making choreographies for foreign performers.  He staged a choreography for "10-10-321" for promotion, Fierce Music Group from the London Clip, Hong Kong, and Japanese performers.  It has been conducting seminars for the past four years all over the world. He taught hip-hop and house dance in Hong Kong, London, Korea, and Japan.  His innovative dance style lets you not only teach but also judge in dance tournaments.  Many traveled and filmed clips, Mileage feels like becoming an experienced dancer. And now, as a member of Elite Force, he has the opportunity to progress in his work.Today, Bobby Mileage works with the best and has earned recognition and a reputation for being innovative in the dance floor.

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