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Timothy Earl Solomon (born August 5, 1961), known as Popin' Pete , is an American dancer, choreographer, innovator, one of the originators of the "popping" dance style and member of the Electric Boogaloos. Pete’s career has spanned over thirty years since the emerging of popping dance to developing funk culture as a whole.

Being inspired by his older brother, “Boogaloo” Sam Solomon, who by that time had already mastered all existing street dance styles, Pete would always watch Sam dance and learn from him . Around the years 1975-1976 Sam created the popping & boogaloo styles of dance. He developed a set of basic movements and founded The Electric Boogaloos. The group is responsible for the creation of the dance known worldwide as "popping". Poppin Pete has gone on to innovate styles/moves like crazy legs, ET, spider man and sleepy style. With Electric Boogaloos he performs on the most authoritative scenes spreading American funkstyles culture all over the world.

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