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Kumari Suraj, coined as the "The Queen of Whacking Nuevo" by the dance media, is also the Queen of many historical firsts. The first whacking choreography videos on youtube, influencing everyone in the industry the world over.

If there is a Whack in a routine, guaranteed it's impact can be traced back to Kumari, one way or another. She is the first whacking choreographer to explicitly introduce the dance style to mass media by creating dance content for the FOX reality hit TV show So You Think You Can Dance.

Kumari is the founder and CEO of the LA's International Waack/Punk/Pose Festival (Waackfest), which is the first and only festival in the world solely devoted to the cultural education and preservation of Whacking, Punking, and Vogue. She is considered as the “go-to” expert for this underground dance from the 70's, serving as an international ambassador of its history, culture and technique.

Bollywhack created by Kumari Suraj in 2009, Bollywhack fuses Pop, Classical, Folk and other traditional movement, music and cultures from Kumari's South Asian roots, with the 70's LGBTQ Disco styles of Punking & Whacking. This cross cultural connection is a seamless union of powerful arms, elegant hand gestures, exotic poses.

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