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Tha J-Squad is an exclusive, very talented and unique brother team sonsiting of: Jason Horns (aka J-Smoove), and Jesse Horns (aka Lil’ Smoove) who are Percussionist, Innovative Musical Composers and music Producers. Loretta (aka Momma Smoove) is the Executive Producer and Manager of Tha J-Squad.

Jason and Jesse, conceived the name “Tha J-Squad” representing their first names, unity as brothers and Production Company. They compose original songs, produce all genres of music and are most known and credited for being the Pioneers and Originators of Krump Music for the dance style known as “Krumping/Krump”

Krump Music derives its roots from urban culture, hip-hop music and a new dance sweeping the nation. Tha J-Squad worked on projects with the Founders/Originators of Krump: Tight-Eyez and Lil C, as well as the Pioneers of Krumping: Dragon-Slayer and the First Lady/Queen of Krump, Miss. Prissy.

Their first debut song in a motion picture film was “Hall of Fame” in the Blockbuster hit movie “Stomp The Yard” by Sony Pictures featuring Meagan Good, Columbus Short, & Neyo. “Hall of Fame” track was also the featured song in the BET “Movie Special” which was a behind the scenes and making of “Stomp The Yard”. 
•J-Squad krump music was the music of choice at Tommy The Clown’s Battle Zone “Get Krump” held at the Great Western Forum. 
•Tha J-Squad in collaboration with DJ Rock-T, took the Hall of Fame song to a new level. They co-produced a single soundtrack titled “Hall of Fame Krump Anthem”, featuring Rap Vocals by Trakk Team Productions and Stix. 

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