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Alphabet Kids - Tito



Haywood "Tito"  Collins was a member of The Group 33 RPM organized in 1974 toured with Sid and Marty Kroft and performed on the wide world of sports Globe Trotters aniversarry show. This group performed high level quick moving syncronized routines. Members of 33 RPM: "The Lionel ("Big D") Douglas, James Higgins (Skeeter Rabbit), "John Wilson ("Okie Doke"), Micheal Frenke ("Peek a Boo"), Tony "Go Go" Lewis.

Haywood Collins later formed Alphabet kids in 1974 this group was significant in the early locking market showing how locking had affected the younger generation and had become a movement , this group was the first Locking group to compete and WIN the Television Gong Show in 1975 , shown here with dancer John St Cier ( far left) the group would often incorporate various soul train dancers such as “Tick” and Mr. X into their act. They were managed by AIMEE ENTERTAINMENT.

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