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Don Cambell



Don "Campbellock" Campbell (January 7, 1951 in Saint Louis, Missouri) is an American dancer and choreographer best known for having invented the "locking" dance, and for his work with the Lockers which included former member Toni Basil.

Campbell discovered dance while studying commercial art at Los Angeles Trade–Technical College.

In 1971, Campbell joined the cast of Soul Train once the program arrived in Los Angeles. He was a featured dancer until 1973, when he was removed from the program for requesting that performers be paid.He then recruited other dancers who had been removed for the same reason, and with them founded the Lockers.

Don recorded a song appropriately titled, “The Campbellock”, to go with his new high-flying, groundbreaking new dance, in March 1972 Stanson Records released his single "the Campbellock". Don also established his own dance ensemble, “The Campbellock Dancers”. The name was later changed to “The Lockers”.

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