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Hiroyuki Suzuki, a.k.a HIRO is from Atami, Shizuoka, Japan , He studied house dance for 4 years  in New York City  and blends Hip Hop and House dance to create a dynamic and creative style of movement.  He can bee seen in  videos "Coco Lee","Billy Crawford",Ferce","MISIA" in Japan...  He has battled all over the world in street dance competitions and earned the title as one of the best winning  "Justedebout 2007","SDK europe 2010 & 2011","Dance@live 2011 & 2012", "Supreme Circle Underground 2012" and more...Hiro has served as judge for many prestigious competitions and is a dj as well. Now residing in Japan he has  a dance studio called  "Jingsta" in Harajuku Tokyo. and created his own event called HOUSE DANCE CROSSINGS . This event is a showcase for the many talented Hip Hop and House Dance crews in Japan.

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