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Norico started dancing when she was 2 years old under the influence of her mother, who was a jazz dancer.Move to NYC when the age of 19, and took various genre of lessons — Tap, Jazz, House, African and so on –– for 2 years at Broadway Dance Center in Manhattan. She studies with Brian Green and Marjory Smarth.
In 1997, she met the members of Dance Fusion at Sound Factory Bar, and come into close contact with them. Then she became a member of Dance Fusion.She held Japan tour with DF members― Sha, Mike and Hiro when she moved back to Japan. She worked as a back-up dancer for domestic and foreign artists and as a teacher in Tokyo. She also formed the dance team “Ain Salah” and “Tuc” and holds guest shows at the events all over Japan. Now in her home city  Aichi, she works for cultivating young dancers as a director of  “BT Studio” in Okazaki, Aichi. She’s also teaches dance at Nagoya Future Culture College.
Her studio annually organizes the dance event “BT Express”. It draws more than 1500 audience a day and helps to share dance among the local people.Norico"s experiences include,Backup Dancer with Jazztronik, Barbara Tucker and Kenny Bobien. 
Dance instructor at Nagoya Future Culture College, Japan.Guest Judge for Dance@Live (2016),Dance battle “New Mix Tape” in Korea (2014)Dance Brave –Chita Festival of Dance (2016) Guest Performance in “Juste Debout”  Paris, France (2006)
Performance as a member of Dance Fusion, “House Dance Crossing” in Tokyo (2012)
Dance battle in National Dance Week Hawaii (2015)

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