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Tone McGregor  is a native of Newark  New Jersey.  He started dancing at a young age and his style of dance  is related to his passion for Hip Hop, House and Martial Arts.  He has danced with EPMD  LL Cool J , Fugees, CeCe Peniston,  Too Nice , Teddy Riley, MC Search and more. Tony has been studying martial arts since he was a kid . His styles include  Kali, Arnis Escrima,  and Pencak Silat. He has studied in the Philippines with some of the top Grandmasters in the Region of Negros.  He mixes his unique style of dance with all of these elements. Since 97, Tony has been teaching , judging organized street dance competitions and performing throughout  the USA, Canada , Japan , Asia and Europe. He can be seen in videos and movies such as Night In the City , New Jack City, The 25th Hour, "Jingling Baby"," Stayin Alive" ,  Here it Comes", " Ice Cream Dream" , "Court is Now In Session"and  "Pump Up the Jam". Tony continues to share his knowledge of Hip Hop and House dance culture through workshops , performances ,  and judging organized street dance competitions. Tony is currently teaching at Pearl Studios and EXPG Professional Gym in NYC.

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