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Corrie David King also known as Corrieography, was born on 1st of February 1993. He is a young up and coming choreographer and dancer. He has had been influenced to dance from the young age of 3 years old, by his own grandmother. His technique training didn't start into his early teens and before that was self taught. In his self taught years he would go on to be inspired by any factors of art, from paintings to live performances, to books, this in turn created his own unique movement language, that still comes through his dance styles to date. His technique background includes both classical and hiphop. Classical styles include ballet, Tap, Contemporary. Though he has an more experience and lessons in classical, he has had a constant influence of hiphop and Has and continues to earn his respect amongst the hiphop community with his style of fusion. He has been training in popping, locking, house, lyrical, breaking. Furthermore Corrie David King has trained in the art form of traditional African for 2 years under the well known beverly green and her company IRIE! Dance theatre. He is currently studying a BA Dance course at Middlesex university. Corrie has commercially performed for the likes of kid ink, T-pain, Hudson east and more. Corrie has also choreographed for companies like Ilovetour, and UKLC ( UK Language course)  and Society Dance. He is currently training and apart of such dance companies: Academy of Definitives, Gambino family. Corrie is in constant construction of himself believing he can always do better, with that being said he also is a writer, actor, singer, Poet. Using his other talents to feed into his creation with dance is how Corrie works, and currently also working on establishing his own dance organisation Called D.R.E.A.M (Dance rules everything around me) where he hope to make his dreams and other artist dream come true.

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