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Henry grew up in the project of Brooklyn. The first time his eyes landed on the art form happened he watched his second oldest sister as she got down to the beat. Shortly after Locking, Popping, Freestyle, Breaking appeared, Henry became fascinated by these styles of dance. He became determined to master these techniques of dancing by practicing relentlessly regardless of any mistake that may have challenged him.. In no time his natural ability to dance start to show. With a bit of confidence he entered many local talent shows and won most of them.

At the edge of 18 after Graduating from Canarsie Hight School opportunity knocked on his door when he met Rosie Perez. After meeting Miss Perez, his career in dance & choreography started to take flight. His dedication finally started paying off when his style of dance landed him in the music video of.. Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey. Today as a founding member of Elite Force Crew.. Henry has become one of the world most Charismatic figure in the art of freestyle dancing and naturally, one of Brooklyn finest!

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