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Bruno Falcon was born on June 10, 1964 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Before Popping, Posing, Breaking, Hip-Hop and Even Disco, There Was Locking. And Don Campbell Invented It.

July 23, 1995| Jeff Spurrier's last piece for the magazine was about female expatriates in the art colony of San Miguel de Allende in Central America .

One of the kids who knocked on their garage door was Bruno Falcon, Pop 'n' Taco, one of the few Hispanic dancers with a name. He was born in East L.A. but was going to school at Poly High School in Long Beach and was getting called out all the time. "People couldn't believe there was a Mexican who could pop. They would challenge me in front of the school or a party or a high school dance. They'd come out, right at you, right in front of your face."

Falcon has in fact danced his way into a lucrative career as a low-profile choreographer. He's worked with La Toya, Janet and Michael Jackson as the creative consultant on Michael's "Dangerous" tour and is now putting together a show of street dance for the House of Blues. And while street dance is full of braggadocio and false claims, Falcon is quick to give a nod to Don Campbell: "If it wasn't for him, I don't think street dancing would have come along. He opened the door for it."

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