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 To facilitate a FREE culture development dance project which will  unite communities using dance as a tool to encourage interaction, Social integration, social equality, gender equality and freedom of expression amongst the young generation of London. The aim & purpose of this  project is to invite  young people aged between 12-25 years of age from various community groups and minority groups to participate in the Free Society Dance Camp which will run daily for 2 weeks date to be announced, by providing two to three workshops daily for the length of over an hour for each workshop taught by highly  professional Choreographers & Mentors which are know  and respected world wide for their art & knowledge.

Open Bloc Jam Sessions with live DJ to allow all to Connect, Exchange, Share and Progress. 

Allow all individuals to interact and with the help of the creative mentors create a performance piece which will be performed at the end of the Program to a live audience. 

We believe that everyone deserves the chance to reach the highest levels of opportunities and development regardless of their background. By supporting Creating Society with Dance, you or your organisation is making the highest quality  teaching more widely accessible and leaving a lasting legacy.


Creating Society with Dance Cultural Development Dance Program will add tremendous positive value to national development and cooperation work for the benefits of girls, boys, women and men by strengthening community activities and providing positive resources that will have a significant impact across a range of communities which will be beneficial for the present and future of London where the community activities are not efficient and lacks in community projects due no funding for youth projects and a major  ethnic groups, minority groups which are excluded from various social activities due to financial circumstances.  We aim to Provide mental health awareness, gender equality and diversity in the daily workshops which we will build social integration by braking down stereotypical barriers, fostering the global cross culture knowledge and understanding of young people. By developing individual and group solving skills, learning concepts and understanding subjects, linking movement and activities to academic themes enabling practitioners to draw upon young peoples deep-rooted bodily-kinaesthetic intelligence.


Every young person deserve the chance to be creative and reach their highest potential regardless of their background.


We want to  help increase the likelihood of young people from different community groups in London taking part in the arts, irrespective of where they live or what minority group, gender, social education or financial circumstances. In addressing these priorities we seek to increase attendance and participation by supporting the public to help shape local arts by increasing choice and opportunities for young people to experience and be inspired.


Creating Society with dance Program is a unique experience for  young people where they will be creative and interact with other cultures as part of personal development, removing stereotypes, empowering social inclusion, peace building and developing creative skills. This will improve quality of life under cultural mediated conditions of freedom and prevail a human language consisting of categories of creativity and of productivity.

With the recent funding opportunity for the Great Place Scheme we have been successful with our application have secured funding by  National Lottery, Arts Council England, Heritage Lottery Fund and managed by OPDC. 

We believe it can help improve quality of life for individuals and their communities by illustrating the positive side that Hip Hop dance culture has to offer and using dance as a tool to inspire, motivate and unite young people whiles focusing on youth development, diversity, promoting physical, mental well- being and provide opportunities for them to channel their energy and creativity with a positive behaviour in safe and family environment. We want to Celebrate diversity and work to achieve the creative potential in all young people attending the workshops, Social gatherings, Battles and performance by training and supporting each individual regardless of ethnicity, gender, disability, age, sexual orientation or religion.


National Diversity Awards 2018 Nominee

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